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How do I donate?

You can donate to the School Of Economics by clicking DONATE in the navigation. It will take you to our donation page to get started.

How do I volunteer?

You can volunteer at the School Of Economics by clicking VOLUNTEER in the navigation. You can volunteer at either site, in Blue Springs or in Kansas City.

Where is the School of Economics located?

School Of Economics has two locations — SOE in Blue Springs and SOE at UMB – Kansas City. SOE in Blue Springs is located at 200 NW 14th Street, Blue Springs, MO 64015. SOE at UMB is located at 928 Grand Boulevard, Suite 3000, Kansas City, MO 64106.

How do I sign up my class?

Please call 816-224-8171. Because we have limited days available for schools, we will work with you personally to find a day that works best for your school.

How do I sign up my homeschooled child?

Homeschooled children (ages 9-12) can enroll in a one day camp held in early fall. It includes both the business team preparations and an economic field trip.  Please sign up under the “Reserve My Spot” tab to receive more information as it becomes available.

How do I sign up non-school groups?

School of Economics can host non-school groups like scout troops, faith-based groups, special needs students, and neighborhood clubs. It takes a minimum of 50 participants (recommended ages 9-12) to run an economic field trip. SOE staff will work with you to find the best fit or to pair small groups together for a full experience. CONTACT US, using the form, to book your group.