“What job did you have at Exchange City?” by Royals Review

Written by Max Rieper | royalsreview.com | Feb. 22, 2019

Excerpt from the news article, “Friday OT thread: What job did you have at Exchange City?“.

What was your job at Exchange City?

I realize not everyone that is a Royals fan is a Kansas City native, but for those of you that are, and that grew up in the 80s and 90s know exactly what I am talking about. Exchange City was a model of a real city that every school in the area visited for an annual field trip around the fifth grade. Everyone was assigned jobs, and you worked those jobs for fake currency you could spend at various shops in Exchange City to learn about the soul-crushing reality of our capitalist system. Oh, and one person got to be the DJ at the radio station!

There were many other kinds of jobs – mayor, judge, traffic cop (stay off the grass!), sign-maker (signs were the major industry of Exchange City), candy store clerk. My job was newspaper reporter, I guess mostly because “poorly paid sports blogger” wasn’t a thing back then. We worked on hard-hitting stories like “KIDS HAVING GOOD TIME AT EXCHANGE CITY.”

Apparently Exchange City shut down three years ago. But there is a similar facility called “School of Economics”, operating in Blue Springs that some of you may have attended. It has been open since 1994, and will be opening a new location in downtown Kansas City later this year. The School of Economics may not directly teach the kids about Keynes or Hayek, but they do emphasize the producer and consumer sides of an economy.

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