Striving to Grow Personally and Professionally

Working from home, I am striving to grow personally and professionally. The SOE team is seeking help from community members to learn how our programs can better serve black and brown students and under-resourced schools. We see great disparity among the 48 school districts that participate in our programs, but we have hope that increasing access to equitable education will be a positive indicator of future successes.

Our new SOE location at UMB in downtown Kansas City hosted over 3,700 students this year before suspending operations due to Covid-19. Participants at this location included more diversity, both racially and socioeconomically, than SOE has historically served in Blue Springs. More than 80% of schools who attended SOE at UMB are considered low-income. With two locations, we have now expanded access to financial education across the Kansas City metro and have the capacity to serve 20,000 students each year.

It is important that children are able to see themselves owning businesses, specializing in jobs, managing finances, and contributing to a community economy. I know that SOE already plays a key role in providing those opportunities — and we can and we will do better.

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Sue-Ann Johnson

Executive Director