A Message to Teachers


Thank you for all the work you do and for being a part of our extended SOE family.

We appreciate you and your efforts in adapting to your new teaching environment. You have had to become creative and innovative while staying caring and understanding for your students. During this stressful time, you are playing such an important part in your students’ lives.

My School Of Economics staff misses seeing everyone and having children in our space. We are looking forward to reopening in August and seeing everyone’s smiling faces again.

As a local nonprofit, we are regularly assessing how best to meet your needs for providing financial education support. During this time, we are exploring different ways to engage students in experiential learning and integrating more technology into our curriculum. We love hearing from our teachers, and ask if you have any thoughts on how we can assist you or make our program more accessible to you during this time, please reach out to me. I would love to talk with you.

SOE operations depend on student fees and donations from the community to operate. We understand that during this time of uncertainty, not everyone is able to support nonprofits. But we are asking if you have the means, to consider donating to SOE.

  • $5 will purchase a package of pretzels for students to sell.
  • $10 will purchase 2 kits of Dirt Cups for students to sell.
  • $15 will support a student to attend SOE.

We have immense respect for teachers. During this time, that respect has increased tenfold. You are incredibly resilient people and can respond to the difficult challenges your students are facing. Thank you for being amazing and awesome. We cannot wait to see you next school year.

Thank you,

Sue-Ann Johnson

Executive Director