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About Us

The School of Economics was founded in 1994 as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization through the collaborative efforts of teachers, volunteers, local business owners, and the City of Blue Springs. It is guided by a Board of Directors and School of Economics staff.

The mission is to provide high quality, reality-based educational experiences that prepare young people to understand and apply basic marketplace concepts and skills, and expose them to business-related careers. Funding for the educational facility and programs comes from student participation fees, grants, donations, and financial sponsors

School of Economics - students at International Bazaar
School of Economics - students at Mini Town
Every school year - 150 field trips, private schools, 40 public school districts, charter schools, 3500 parent & community volunteers, 12000 students, home school groups

Sue-Ann Johnson, School of Economics Director
Sue-Ann Johnson,
Executive Director
Sue-Ann began her career in the business sector, leading corporate sales and management teams. With responsibilities ranging from national account oversight to implementation of division-wide continuous improvement processes, Sue-Ann became well-versed in ‘Getting Better All the Time.’ She participated in leadership development programs, founded a diversity council, and was an integral part of training and inspiring work teams, tracking results and recognizing employee excellence.

After a successful career in the business sector, Sue-Ann went back to college to pursue a Master’s Degree in Teaching. In 2010, she took the helm of the School of Economics. Under her leadership, the School of Economics has flourished. From developing curriculum, communicating with teachers, training volunteers, maintaining the facility, fundraising (and more), Sue-Ann wears many “hats” while managing the financial and leadership aspects of the non-profit organization.

She enjoys working with students and educators; helping young people understand basic marketplace concepts and prepare for their financial future. Sue-Ann says, “The School of Economics is a blend of my real-world business experience and my love of education - working with students to help them be successful.”